While Golden village might not have the best pop corn, they are one of the best Cinema Operator in Singapore, right next to Cathy~

And for their 20th birthday party, they pulled a stunt, inviting 20 of the most well known movie characters now to Vivo City on the subway… Wow!!!

Well they sure did it big their big 20 years in Operation~ So happy birthday GOLDEN VILLAGE, and please continue to bring us the best movies… Like maybe Kenshin?



20 Movie Icons amongst invited guests at 20th Anniversary Bash

Singapore, 24 May 2012 – Dhoby Ghaut Mass Rapid Transport (MRT) station was a scene to behold as 20 movie icons invaded its platforms earlier this evening. Singaporeans punching out after a day’s work were shocked when amongst the rush hour crowd at the North East Line (NEL) station stood 20 commuters decked in outfits not expected of daily travellers.

It was a sight unlike any that commuters have seen before, with 20 characters including the likes of Spider-Man, Batman, Bruce Lee, Austin Powers, James Bond and even ‘Dark side’ enthusiast, Darth Vader from the Star Wars saga, making a rare and unexpected appearance at the busy MRT interchange.

Commuters were initially confused by the sudden appearance of the movie icons, especially since many of them were famous movie figures, instantly recognizable from comic books as well as characters on the silver screen. Feelings of anxiety were later put to rest when they realised that the entourage was part of a marketing stunt initiated by Golden Village, who celebrates her 20th anniversary as the leading cinema exhibitor in Singapore.

Said one such commuter, Deborah Chia, aged 23, who was amused to see so many familiar characters standing beside her in the train carriage during her trip to VivoCity: “I was so surprised to see Spiderman, Batman, Iron man and Darth Vader standing next to me on the train! I was wondering what’s going on until I saw a tweet from my friend. GV is twenty already? I didn’t know that. Wow, they have certainly come a long way!”

To celebrate its 20th birthday, Golden Village, invited the entourage of movie icons to its birthday celebration held at GV VivoCity. Organisers explained that the mascots opted to use the MRT train service to ‘avoid the rush hour traffic’, much to the amusement of many commuters.

Here’s a quick look at their short but head-turning journey from Dhoby Ghaut station:

As the leader of Singapore’s cinema industry, Golden Village has been providing 20 years of movie magic with the launch of Singapore’s first 10-screen multiplex in Yishun on 28 May 1992. Within two decades, Golden Village has grown to encompass 10 multiplexes, housing 81 screens island-wide. Its 11th multiplex is slated to open at the end of 2012.

Golden Village will be turning 20 this Monday, 28 May 2012.

For more information on Golden Village’s accolades and accomplishments, please refer to:


Once again Happy Birthday GV…

Now tell me when will Sadako 3D come already!!

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