Have you heard of the the Golden bombers?

Nope? The you should see how much of a joker they are in the Japanese Music scene~

The above is their PV for their single 成龙很酷(Cheng Long Hen Ku), a song made up of almost gibberish Cantonese. Cute? don’t you think? lol 

Golden bomber is made up of Shō Kiryūin, Yutaka Kyan, Jun Utahiroba and Kenji Darvish.

They are also famous for performing a live band on Air guitar, and air drums with props, also known as the Visual Kei Air band! And people love them for it!

See for yourself!

成龙很酷(Cheng Long Hen Ku) as well as the song sang in Hey hey hey, 女々しくて, can be found in their latest album, Golden Album. 

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