Last Thursday was the release day of AKB48’s Team B captain Kashiwagi Yuki’s 2nd photo book titled “Yu, Yu, Yukirin…”. And thanks to Amazon Japan, I have gotten my own copy the very next day.


And let’s proceed with a little look of this book, less words, more pics!

Revealing the paper cover, seems like there's a message from her. "You have seen it!”.

Opening pages.

Preparations for coming of age ceremony.


Fancy some cooked food from Yukirin?



可愛い。Who agrees with me that on the bottom left photo, somehow I felt that I am seeing Hocchan instead.

In Taiwan & Hong Kong.

Need directions?



While there's inception, and in this case, Yukiception! Probably case of photographer and editor had too much good images to share and decided to churn everything up in this manner. Probably.

Anyone care to help her unite the shoes?

That eyes...

The usual irritating to some paper slip on most Japanese books. But there's something to see...

At the back, some random snippets. Like, her palm reading for 2012, being the last in the whole 48 family or other unofficial nickname is 'rainy girl'.

All in all, this seems a decent photo book, though I am thinking at times whatever happened when the shots were taken, probably intentional blur? Nothing to take away this book for about S$35 including the express shipping thanks to DHL, a keepers actually be it you are a Yuki oshi or not.

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