Into the 3rd episode, I find this the best time to review an anime. And today I’m going to review an anime that really attracted me, Space Brothers, Uchuu Kyoudai, 宇宙兄弟.

It first caught my attention when I visited the TAF 2012 this March. At the Dentsu exhibition booth, where is an astronaut suit along with a cutout of the main characters.

Being a great fan of Science Fiction… How can I miss out on this?


The story is about this pair of brother, one born of the great disappoint of 1993 and the other on the day of great cheers in 1996. They are Mutta(elder) and Hibito(younger) Namba.

But things got exciting for them on the finals of the 2006 World Cup, where they apparently saw an UFO head for the moon. Seeing this phenomenon, they made a promise to each other to head into space.

While Hibito made it into the JAXA and is on course for a NASA Moon colonization experiment, but Mutta got fired from his car designer job because of a head butt given to his boss.

This strongly put his belief that, as an elder brother, he has to be a step in front.


This story itself is based primary of the viewpoint of Mutta, which in the first 3 episode is struggling to finding himself and maybe fulfilling his promise with Hibito, his brother.

Animation wise, they have actually done a rather good job. A similar style would be something like Nodame Cantabile, or Honey and Clover. So don’t expect very pretty pictures, but in my opinion, this style is perfect for the series, with its many comical parts.

Of cos, the anime is produced by A1 Production, so you can probably expect good standards all the way like it’s previous few animes.

Later on in the episode 2, you will be introduced to Mutta’s new best friend, Kenji… I don’t know if is it me or he looks like that Yaranaika guy… … With his superman hair style and that suit…

Then there’s Mutta’s primary love interest, Serika Itou, a doctor and also a astronaut applicant like himself but for now, the love is yet to be anything… Well it’s still early.


This show really an easy going anime to catch with not too much of suspense and very easy to follow with it’s interesting storyline.

With that said, Space Brother will also be made into a Life Action movie, with Shun Oguri, Masaki Okada and Kumiko Asa in the movie.

Closest anime to date that I can grab off the edge of my mind would be the darker, suspense thriller, Moonlight Mile, which is also a very good show~

BTW, this season is really outdoing itself with a lot of good shows ranging from genres like Guns, school life, Gun X School life, ghost, SF, animals and more.

So what are you watching this season?

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