Sankarea, さんかれあ


This season contains tons of ghost, monster,alien and zombie. These themes do sound scary for spring season anime, but these on-going animes are unexpectedly ka-wa-ii!!!! The anime that we going to review here is the Sankarea.

I happened to read this manga several months ago before the announcement of the anime production, what’s attractive is how the author relates the zombie concept with the moe girl. Eventually the story are developed to a new stage in the manga series. *though the manga are published in a slow pace (; ̄Д ̄) 遅い~ *

What’s with the story? The protagonist guy, Furuya is a zombie-maniac, as you noticed in the very beginning of the anime. He’s one that can be taken as an otaku, more precisely a zombie-otaku.

Furuya seems to be in love with only zombie girls and not a living human, this does sounds creepy uh…


The story starts off with how Furuya met with the heroine, a wealthy family ojousama, Sanka Rea, and how they are going about with some forbidden “jutsu” to revive Bābu, Furuya’s cat. Followed by how the heroine turned into a zombie which eat herbs for living…. なに?!∑(O_O;)

In the first three episodes, the anime does brings out quite a number of negative and unhappy scenes but it turns out to be the interesting attractive points of this anime.

Well, as proof, a Revived-Bābu ! (´∀`)♡ moe~~~~

Babu~~~I just loved how it’s making the “Ba—Bu–” sound and not the “meow~”

There’s quite some guts spilling scene in the anime but well, censor did their jobs there again. *I don’t know are there any other comrades that hate anime censorship like I do, well it doesn’t stop me from thinking those censored stuff are guts* (。・`ω´・。)

Those are certainly guts!!!

Okay, that’s almost the main idea of this story, it’s certainly a must-watch series for this season, if you happens to be a zombie lover like Furuya-kun~

Sankarea airs on TBS every Thursday.
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