May’n have opened a twitter account specifically for the USA with the id, @mayn_usa, hinting at the upcoming possible announcements of May’n “Rock you beats” World tour stops in the states.

She have also reactivated her official twitter account, after a good 391 days, to promote the world tour, prompting users to use the tag #RYT, meaning “Rock Your Tweets” to further promote the tour.

Picture credit to May’n

Below is the Press Release from RESONANCE Media


J-Pop singer May’n re-opens Twitter account to reveal World Tour logo!

March 31, 2012 – May’n’s official Twitter has returned after a 1 year absence! Check @mayn_tw for official tweets from May’n.

The Twitter account returned on April 1 at 10 AM Japan time to reveal the official logo for the “ROCK YOUR BEATS” World Tour.

May’n is encouraging fans to spread the word about the tour using #RYT, short for “ROCK YOUR TWEETS!”

An official USA Twitter account was also revealed this week, hinting at upcoming May’n announcements.


May’n official website

May’n Profile

The artist name “May’n” is derived from her real name, and it demonstrates her hope to “always sing songs that will be everyone’s main theme.” May’n was discovered in Horipro’s annual Talent Scout Caravan competition at the age of 13, and in 2008, she performed as the singing voice of Diva of the Galaxy, Sheryl Nome, in the TV anime “Macross Frontier.”

May’n released 2 singles in 2008 which instantly became big hits, each placing in the Top 3 on the Oricon Weekly Chart in their debut week. In January 2009, the long-waited mini-album “May’n ☆ Street” was released, and it achieved 2nd place on the Oricon Weekly Chart in the first week. All of May’n’s releases since then have consistently entered the top music sales charts.

In January 2010, May’n performed her first solo Budokan concert, which sold out in only 1 day. In March of the same year, she held her first tour of Asia, followed in July by a 17-city summer tour of Japan. She works passionately on her live shows in Japan and overseas to deliver her songs directly, fascinating audiences with her irresistible singing skills and unique voice.

In Fall 2010, May’n was chosen to record the theme song for the film “Incite Mill -7 Day Death Game-.” In February 2011, she released her 3D Live Documentary movie “May’n THE MOVIE -Phonic Nation-” and later that month released her 2nd album “If you…” which reached number 7 on the Oricon Weekly Chart. In March 2011, she held her 2nd solo Budokan concert “RHYTHM TANK!!” for a sold-out audience.

Her second 6-city tour of Asia in May 2011 was a big success. She participated in the largest-in-Europe Japanese Culture and Entertainment Festival “Japan Expo 2011″ and received large applause. She continues to be the must-see “New Generation Female Rock Vocalist.”

In July, 2010, May’n made her American live performance debut at Anime Expo in Los Angeles. In addition to her work on “Macross Frontier,” May’n has contributed songs to several anime and video games, including: “Love get Chu,” “Shangri-La,” “Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi,” “Aria the Scarlet Ammo,” “Phi Brain,” “Valkyria Chronicles 3″ (PSP), “Sengoku Basara 2″, and “Accel World.”

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