Happy Aprils’ Fool people, I sure hope you people enjoyed it…

But it sure seems we are not the only one doing it~ Google had the MAPs for NES, Danny Choo had a baby, a new cloth business and an airline, Assassin creed goes to Kinect and wii, along with many others.

However, allow us to correct ourselves and give you guys the reals stuff, the real wallpaper for not only your computer screen but also for your phones~

This is too much work for Aprils’ fool…

Type A

This wallpaper is the one currently used as background on our site. It looks really good right? Using the same art work there are actually 2 versions of the wallpaper~

Both background and the character act is done by Collateral Damage Studios.

Type B

Its available in the following Sizes,

Type A,
1920 by 1200:  Download
1920 by 1080:  Download

Type B
1920 by 1200: Download
1920 by 1080: Download

Iphone: Download

Android Wallpapers for screensize,

800×1280 (Galaxy Note): Download

720×1280 (Galaxy SII HD, G Nexus, Xperia S): Download

540×900(Motorola Razer, Xperia P): Download

480×845 (SE PLAY, SE Xperia Arc, SE Arc S): Download

480×800(Galaxy SII): Download

320X480 (Galaxy ACE, HTC Salsa, Wildfire S): Download

Night Sky~ 

This background art is bought at the Tokyo Anime Fair held not too long ago, when I see a shop is selling really background art of animes, as a set I got 2 other artworks. As expected from the experts from the 80s, they are really good!

I’ll use the other 2 when I see the chance~

1920 by 1200: Download
1920 by 1080:  Download

Hope you like the wallpaper here~ There will be more in the future, hope you like Chiya~

If you like the previous version of the wallpapers, I hope you download it soon, cos the link will expire in around another 24 hours time.

Thus, thank you for the support and please continue to support us! Happy Aprils’ Fool day!

P.S.: Typemoon is making this,


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