It has been quite a while since the release of booster box vol. 2 of Cardfight!! Vanguard. The start of this new season is also the start of the new season of Vanguard the anime.

For this new season, another new effect is also introduced to the game and thus the recent release of the 2 new trial deck from the anime. They are called Slash of the Silver Wolf, used by Aichi, and Resonance of Thunder Dragon, by Kai,. Without any further waiting, let us start on looking at the deck.

For these 2 new decks, 2 new clans and a new effect are introduced. The clans are Gold Paladin and Narukami and the new effect introduced is called Limit Break. Basically for this Limit Break to become active, a certain amount of damage must first be taken. When the condition is met, the player can then pay the cost to activate the effect. An example would be to counter blast or soul blast depending on the requirement cost.

For these 2 decks, players are given the standard 4 different triggers, which are heal, critical, stand and draw. For the deck structure, both decks are similar to each other but there are a few unique cards with awesome abilities that you will rely on a lot. Let us take a look for some of those card now.

For grade 3, players have the choice of these awesome units to ride. For Gold Paladin, it will be the Great Silver Wolf, Garmore and for Narukami, it will be the Thunder Break Dragon.

These are the only 2 units that have the limit break effect, which allow you to increase another 5000 power when attacking, increasing the strength of their attacks greatly. For their second effect, Garmore will be able to call 1 more unit to the rearguard while Thunder Break Dragon allows the player to retire a grade 2 or below rearguard from opponent’s field. Sadly, there is only 1 of each card in each trial deck and they are also trial deck exclusive cards.

With these 2 units as the vanguard, the rearguard used to support them will have to be Charjgal and Dragon Dance, RaiRai. After paying the additional cost when supporting these grade 3, the effect will give another additional 5000 power increasing the grade 3 power to 26000 power. This is pretty much overkill in my opinion.


For the grade 2 and 1 in Gold Paladin, most of their unit effects are quite common and so it doesn’t really have any cards that stand out. Whereas for Narukami, you can try riding Djinn of the Lightning Spark for Grade 1 and Djinn of the Lightning Flare for grade 2. These 2 units are quite special as they are only able to attack the vanguard, and when attacking as the vanguard, they gain additional 4000 power. Therefore these two units would do better called as a vanguard than rear guard.

That is all the tips I have for this review. See you guys next time on my next review for the upcoming  new booster box!

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