This version of Hunter X Hunter is a remake of the 1999 anime series.. This version of the anime series focuses more closely to adapt to the well-loved manga series of the same title.

The Hunter X Hunter series are produced by leading Japanese anime studio Madhouse which gave the world hit anime series which also include Death Note and Nana, the new Hunter X Hunter anime series is directed by the very famous Hiroshi Koujina. The popularity of the TV series has also led to the recent confirmation of a new Hunter X Hunter anime movie based on an original story arc not found within the anime and manga series, for theatrical release.

In addition to the anime and manga, Hunter X Hunter has inspired 10 different videogames ranging from role-playing, strategy, action to adventure games for the WonderSwan, Game Boy, Sony PlayStation and Nintendo DS consoles. There is also a game that is based from the second season that will be released for Playstation Portable on the Fall of 2012.

There also have been two musicals based on Hunter X Hunter. The first, Musical Hunter × Hunter, it was originally performed during December of the year 2000 which tells the original story to have that appeared to taken place between the end of the Yorknew City story arc and the beginning of the Greed Island arc. The second musical was named Hunter × Hunter: The Nightmare of Zoldyck last August of the year 2002. This second musical was a retelling of when Kurapika, Leorio, and Gon go to fetch Killua back from his family estate after the end of the Hunter Exam arc. Both musicals have received separate DVD and audio CD releases, as well as a dual DVD release from Marvelous Entertainment. Aside from having a 2 musical renditions there is also a live-action play titled Real Stage Hunter × Hunter: A Longing for Phalcnothdk ~ A Spider’s Memory ~ which was performed at the Sun-mall in Shinjuku, Tokyo during August 2004. This play was a retelling of the Phantom Troupe finale in the Yorknew City arc. which also received a DVD release in Japan on December 10, 2004.

The fantastic universe of Hunter X Hunter, Hunters are exceptionally skilled individuals who specialize in seeking out fearsome, exotic creatures, hidden treasures, secret enclaves, unexplored lands, and other incredible individuals. To be a Hunter, one requires a license, and fewer than one in a hundred thousand can pass the grueling qualification examination that is a series of brutal tests of will, skills, wits, survival instincts and teamwork.

Hunter X Hunter follows the trials and tribulations of Gon, the 12-year-old son of Ging Freecss who disappeared 12 years ago and is today a legendary Hunter. Despite his aunt’s protests, Gon is determined to follow in Ging’s footsteps to try to understand why his father chose to become a Hunter over raising him, and hopes that he will one day find his father and be recognized as a great Hunter in his own right.



lthough a country boy, Gon has a sparkle in his eyes and high aspirations. Beyond his young years, Gon is composed and courageous even in the face of tough tests and dangerous adversaries. Naturally talented, he possesses superhuman senses, uncanny learning potential, great social skills and immense determination, yet can be reckless and irrational at times. Gon’s journey starts on his long, arduous trip to the Hunter qualification examination, along which he befriends Killua, Kurapika and Leorio, fellow candidates who share his great desire to become Hunters.

Killua Zoldyck, who wields electricity as his weapon, is trying to leave behind his murderous life as a member of a notorious family of assassins. Kurapika, the last surviving member of the Kurta race whose irises turn scarlet when angry, is striving to avenge his people who have been slain for their valuable eyes by thieves named the ‘Phantom Troupe’. Leorio Paladinight is an aspiring physician who dreams of providing free medical help to the poor after he had lost a friend to an illness that he could not afford to get treatment for. Embarking on an amazing adventure that begins with the Hunter exam as Gon and his friends navigate a deadly jungle, hunt down other candidates, kill a wild boar, run an extraordinarily long underground marathon, and even make sushi!

Hunter x Hunter premieres 24 April 2012, airing Mondays – Fridays at 7.30pm first and exclusively on Animax

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