The 3rd and final announcement of the cast is out! Revealing 3 more of the veteran, including a Super veteran, in my opinion.

Miyuki Sawashiro as 13th Generation Acchan
Ayako Kawasumi as 10th Generation Sayaka
Mai Nakahara as 10th Generation Sae

I’m especially interested in Ayako’s Sayaka, give that she is quite experienced in voicing royalties, forceful females and my favorite characters~ Examples like Lafiel of Banner of the Stars, Henrietta, Zero no tsukaima, Saber, Fate/Zero, Genshiken, Ohno~ and more! I’ll be really looking forward to it!


The other 2, Miyuki and Mai, seems to have a great deal of experiences of working together, having cooperated in many projects like DearS, Mai-Otome, Mai-Hime, Utawarerumono, Durarara!!, and Angel Beats!

But each of them are just as celebrated be the voice of some of the most memoriable characters in the last decade~

Miyuki for example did, Shinku(Rozen Maiden), Celty(Durarara!!!), Dead Master, Yomi(Black Rock Shooter OVA and Anime), Sabaru(Bakemonogatari, Nisemonotgatari)

While Mai got her own list of accomplished characters like. Mai(Mai-Hime, Mai-Otome), Rena(Dot Hack\\ Twilight Bracelet), Midori(Midori days), Rena(Higurashi), Otonashi(Angel beats!)

And everyone chosen for this Anime are really the veteran of the anime industry, it’s really as if the members chosen from the 48 groups are there to learn from the regulars! Just like the AKB48 system in place now.

FYI, the other seiyu chosen are no pushovers~

Source: AKB0048 Via Oricon Style

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