This is not a summary post of the concert that happened yesterday at Yokohama Arena, and I’ll be keeping it kinda short. 

I would like to thank 園長 for the awesome experiences We had at Yokohama arena, it’s practically etched into my mind with the awesome show of showmanship and the fan’s reaction.

2 colours were the most seen yesterday, Ultra Bright Orange and Blue. For some reason, the fans just know how to use, when to use it and using it together. It’s a ballad use blue, like the underwater, if it’s Diamond Crevasse use UBO! Heating up the atmosphere instantly!

However, there are times when no light sticks are used at all, one of them is my favorite song in this performances, May’n showed not only her onstage abilities but also her power to move the crowd! The song is “What ‘Bout my Star?” acoustic + 部員 version~

Why +部員? Cos it made a awesome song EPIC! With 10,000 of us singing with May’n to make a complete song.

She also debuted her song HEAT, also the title for her Album released today but on sale at the arena 1 day in advance, which I happy bought~

The white roll is a poster that I dun want to open!

園長 also fought her fear of height to climb aboard a crane bringing her at least 3 meters up and spinning almost 360 degrees around the hall to see everyone. She must be nervous cos several 部員 have noticed how strong she is gripping onto the support bar… It must have been quite a challenge and she managed to plow thru it! Like a BOSS!

Either way it looks like I have gone over my top… … and provided another mid length post… Bottom line, THANK YOU MAY’N for the AWESOME experiences~

Also, the May’n World Tour is confirmed! Titled “Rock Your Beats” it will start in MAY! Time and location of the overseas(outside of Japan) concerts will be announced soon, I hope.

In additionally “Rock Your Beats” is also 園長’s biggest arrangement with over 30 locations in Japan alone.

The URL covered is

If you are wondering why it’s 園長 and not 部長, well it’s an inside joke i guess for all who was in the concert and those watching at home or theaters.

Thank you also to the Japanese 部員 for bringing us to eat some awesome stuff after the concert!

Can’t bring you much picture… but below is what i have including who send flowers~

May’n Official webpage:

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