There was this event by Gamespot Asia and Playstation Asia, a Preview event for the upcoming game, Street Fighter X Tekken.

It took place at the Singapore Flyer not too long ago in February, I got to also meet the game’s producer, Yoshinori Ono. Thanks to Gamespot Asia for selecting me as one of the lucky few for this event.

Reaching the Flyer, 6.15pm, and it's still bright. Was expecting it to be more darker,

Registration started at 6.20pm in the evening and I had to head down to the Guests Services Lounge at the Singapore Flyer. We wrote our name for a lucky draw which would happen later on in the capsule itself.

Upon reaching there, I recieved a fun pack from Playstation Asia which contained quite few goodies( which I have not opened yet for the truth )

Here's our carriage to the Event, Wait? Event in a capsule? That's Impossible?

The whole ride was 10 mins, which you will be able to try out the preview of the game on the few PS3 consoles inside the capsule of the Singapore Flyer, and get to meet Yoshinori Ono, the game producer himself.

The man behind the game, Yoshinori Ono, Looking good on the event.

Everyone who attended the event got a Street Fighter x Tekken PS3 Wall Poster signed by Yoshinori Ono himself after they entered the capsule.

There was a lucky draw which I was not lucky enough to get any of the prizes, congrats to those who won the prizes on the event. After the lucky draw, we would be able to ask Yoshinori Ono some questions, or try out the game.

Just so you know, most of the people selected were males, but the group I was with had females, which did surprised Yoshinori Ono himself.

The lucky two girls at this event

Got to try the preview of the game and it does looked a little buggy, plus the additional characters like Megaman are not added, which my assumption is that this is just the preview so they would not be placing those inside.

Apparently I lost most of the matches to the others who attended the event, admitting-ly I am not really pro. But getting a feel of this game is really good, which is a good experience on this new gameplay.

I also got to ask Yoshinori Ono questions during the time when they allowed us to take photos or ask him a few questions.

Preview and trying out of Street Figher x Tekken

And the most common answer for “What’s your favourite food? ” has got to be Chicken Rice, and Yoshinori Ono’s favourite got to be Hainanese Chicken Rice, even thou he was only in Singapore for only 2 days. He landed in Singapore on Thursday and would have to board the plane back to Japan, after the event, on Friday.

When It was 6.30PM and the sky’s so beautiful…. Just so Beautiful….

Apperantly, 10 minutes in the capsule of the Singapore Flyer wasn’t so short, there was still time to enjoy the evening sky with the combination of the Singapore City Skyline while getting owned a few more times on the game.

I also got to take a photo with the Chun-Li cosplayer back at the event. Other than that, It was a short but very fun event.

Well, that’s all it seems!


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