SDN48 Ichiban; SDN48 Saikou

Continuing from the other post, there are 2 sessions of SDN48 Cafe event, at 11AM and the other at 2PM. And the above is from the 2PM session.

The SDN48 Cafe event is attended by Chen Qu, Serina and Sayaka Kondo. And during both sessions, they did a little drawing, shared with us about their plans for the future, answered some questions, and played Jankan with the fans present~

Both sessions started out with a drawing session and in both session Sayaka-nee went Yabai even thou her drawing was the best in the class… in terms of Pictorial level.

The themes ranged from the scenery during their rehearsal sessions to their taste in choosing a boyfriend.

Interestingly, Chen Qu likes Yasu from NANA, and Sayaka-nee likes Domoji from the Taiwan F4~

Serina? She not that particular about looks and would do if he really loves her~

After the short drawing session, they are fielded a number of questions from the audiences in a Question and Answer session.

The questions are rather fun, from the expected “what are their plans after graduation?” to the really interesting, “Can you dance the chorus part of Yaritagariya San?” to which they answered,


As for what’s their plan in the future,

Sayaka-nee would like to work with the radio and become a radio personality, hoping to use her abilities in English and maybe even with some of the other European languages.

Serina would love to continue with her solo career in acting, singing and being a spokeswomen, things she doing now~

Chen Qu in the short term would like to do some CMs, and even some fashion modelling but long term she would like to become rival with Serina to carve a career in the entertainment industry. She boldly proclaim that, She would like to replace Zhang Ziyi as the face of China~

With the conclusion of the Q&A, comes the game of Scissors, Paper, Stone! AKA Jankenpon.

Serina in the second session successfully tricked almost everyone into doing just what she wanted~

Twice~ and is especially delighted by it~

One of the lucky 2 playing to win Chen Qu's Heart~ Not... It's a copy of Yaritagariya San. And he did not win... OTL

While Sayaka-nee and Chen Qu each got to play the judge of a Jankan show down between 2 players during the sessions.

Lastly, each of them gave a touching closing message to the fans and hope they will continue to support them even after their graduation on the 31st of March.

Like the many before, the session ended with a handshake with the members.

I certainly will continue to support some of my favorite members.

FYI, SDN48’s final single, Makeoshimi Congratulation will be released on the 7th of March, their first and last album on the 14th, and their 1st Stage, Yuwaku no Garter, DVD on the 28th of March.

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