It is back! xD

If you haven’t checked out the official Facebook page of REGinSingapore, then here’s the latest news! 😀
Volume 2 will be held at *SCAPE Warehouse in May 11-13 (Friday-Sunday), and themed “Escape from The Werewolf Village”.

Although some of you might have known, this theme was played in Japan, Taiwan and is about to be played in San Francisco. Like all other previous Games, it was well-received and gave players a wonderful experience.

To recap, what is the Real Escape Game?
(Excerpt from tueac’s post)

“Real Escape Game is created by SCRAP, and first played in Kyoto.

It’s a trap room escape game, in real life. The game has gotten quite a cult following with sessions conducted in dome halls with themes like the Sengoku period for the very recent one in Tokyo.

The story goes that, you are trap in a room with maybe 75 others, and you are given a clue card that will lead to your freedom. The objective is to find and solve the puzzles inside a room to gain your freedom. In short if you are a person who like answering riddles, solving complex puzzles or just general smart, and you are looking for a challenge, it’s here!

Will you give up about 1.5 hour of your freedom to challenge this difficult game?

Did I mention low winning rate?

Yes I did, on average only 5% of all participants managed to solve and clear the game within the available time based on the previous games and events.

Apparently the game is so difficult that out of 150 participants in an average round only 6 managed to clear it and within it most are returning players for the game. Hint some puzzles are just not as straight forward as it seems.”

Ticketing details for Vol. 2 isn’t out yet, so check out for more updates.

To top if off, here are some photos from the previous REG =^^=

Copyright: vanGrafique (Ivan Lee)

Copyright: vanGrafique (Ivan Lee)

The winners during tueac's session on a Sunday...

I’ve played it, I’ve won it. If you’re game for it…

…Wait till the tickets are being sold. 😛

Stay tuned~!


“この悪夢から覚めたくなる 逃げ出すのなら今よ
包み込まれたらもう無理よ 手遅れになっていくだけ”
“I will not wake from this nightmare, If I am to escape it must be now
When it wraps around me it’s useless, It will soon only be too late”
Strawberry Crisis!!

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