Well they came, they sang and they truly impressed, with both band’s rocking the stage with their unique blend of music to the over 300 strong audience on Tuesday night.

Yes, they are Applicat Spectra and WEAVER!

Applicat Spectra started the ball rolling with songs from their latest single, Kamisama no Sumika, and got the crowd warmed-up for more.

They ended up singing 6 songs before performing another 2, including an English version of St. Elmo, in the Encore.

Below is the set list for the night,

Applicat Spectra
M 1 神様のすみか Kamisama-no-Sumika
M 2 スターノート Star Note
M 3 プリズム Prism
M 4 イロドリの種 Irodori-no-Tane
M 5 クロックワイズ Clockwise
M 6 セントエルモ St. Elmo
M 7 スターライト Star Light
M 8 セントエルモ St. Elmo(English lyric)

Weaver made an rather energetic entrance, with Toki Doki Sekai, signaling the end of the 15 minutes break and leaving the crowd gasping for more.

During the MC portion of the concert, members of the band also shared with everyone how their stay in Singapore is going. Kawabe Tohru revealed that it’s actually his 2nd time in Singapore, since he did came before with his family.

Naturally he did it with a tint of cuteness rivaling that of Haninozuka sempai in Ouran HS Host Club, this also lead to quite an uproar and laughter within the audiences.

Followed by more goodness and the occasional “I LOVE SINGAPORE” by Tohru. All in all, they performed a total of 13 songs, which includes 2 encores and concluded the night with a group photo taken with audiences.

M 1 トキドキセカイ Toki Doki Sekai
M 2 愛のカタチ Ai-no-Katachi
M 3 心の中まで Kokoro-no-Nakamade
M 4 白朝夢 Hakuchoumu
M 5 最終バス Saisyu Bus
M 6 ネバーランド Never Land
M 7 Letter
M 8 僕らの永遠~何度生まれ変わっても、手を繋ぎたいだけの愛だから~ Bokura-no-Eien
M 9 2次元銀河 Nijigen Ginga  (~Dr Solo)
M 10 管制塔 Kansei-Toh
M 11 66番目の汽車に乗って Ride on No.66 Train
M 12 ティンカーベル Tinker Bell
M 13 Shine

Overall J-LIVE ASIA is really quite an enlightening one, to see 2 of the most promising bands from the Japanese entertainment scene.

It was also really fun and obviously, it rocked!

I’ll be really looking forward to the next J-Live Asia event yah!

Website: J-LIVE ASIA

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