Sea☆A’s new song, Happiness♪RUN RUN RUN (しあわせ♪ランランラン, Shiawase♪Run Run Run), is decided to be Sapporo’s SODA loving character, リボンちゃん, Ribbon-chan’s new animated short’s theme song.

The animated short series will start it’s run on the 4th of April on TBS’s のりスタ section, every wednesday morning at 7:30am(JST).

Additionally, Sea☆A will also be performing the opening theme for the anime, あらしのよるに ~ひみつのともだち~, Arashi No Yoru Ni ~Himitsu no Tomodachi~, On a Stormy Night ~ Secret Friendship~.

The anime will air also on the 4th of April, wednesday, on TBS at 5:30PM(JST), just before Ultraman.

News of Sea☆A’s 3rd Single is also released, Titled “Friendship Birthday ~あらしのよるに~” it will go on sale on the 23th of May in 2 types, Special Edition with DVD at 1,800 Yen and normal edition at 1,200 Yen.

Currently it’s expected to include, the opening theme for Arashi no yoru ni and the song “Shiawase♪Run Run Run”.

Source: Sapporo News Release, TBS Arashi No Yoruni SiteSea☆A Webpage, TBS のりスタ Site

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