Well it’s a dojin made about 3 years ago in Singapore by Collateral Damage Studio in 2008. Infact, it’s their 1st dojin project.

It really quite a feat and now it’s free as an E-Book.

The dojin itself is based on a parody of the Nanoha’s The 1st Movie but with a little twist with a dose of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Artwise, there’s nothing to really complain about, with sufficient attention give to details and still keeping it easy.

The artist also managed to throw in many weird references to keep the mood light.

Verdict: It’s a good read, funny and all. Don’t it expect it to as deep as the titles it tried to parody off thou.

And It’s a very safe dojin, I would rate it at PG-13.

The Dojin can now be downloaded free of charge on Collateral Damage Studio’s Facebook page as part of their 1000 likes promotion.


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