To commemorate Macross 30thAnniversary Namco Bandai will be giving pilots out there a special paint job on their F-14D. What’s so special about the F-14s they are pen by Shoji Kawamori the original of the VF-1 series of variable fighters in the first Macross.

F-14D nickname the “Super Tom Cat” a true carrier-based fighter wing large variable. Attractive and dynamic performance superior speed performance, the digitally-controlled variable-sweep wing, stable regardless of the speed range a true symbol just like the Super Dimension Fortress Valkyries.

You will be able to fly the F-14D painted to look like the VF-1J Valkyrie flown by Hikaru Ichijyo in the TV Series (The Super Dimension Fortress)

VF-1J Valkyrie

That’s not all you will also get to fly the F-14D painted to look like the VF-1S Valkyrie known as the “Skull and cross bones” flown by Roy Focker in the movie (The Super Dimension Fortress – Do you Remember Love? )

VF-1S Valkyrie

Delivered in a set of two colour models. Priced ¥600 on PS3 and 400 MSP on Xbox 360. This limited set will only be released in Japan on noon March 21, 2012.

You are probably wondering since they are Valkyries…do they transform?

Sorry Guys, the planes do not transform.

(Well I wished, They did !!)

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