Macross: “Do You Remember Love” Hybrid Pack to be released on July 26.

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Macross Hybrid

As we all know Macross is celebrating their 30th so part of the celebration. They have came out the “30th Anniversary BOX set”!

A hybrid style Blu-ray disc which you can enjoy both “footage” and “game” on the same 1 disc. Both packages comes with the “Do You Remember Love Macross” Blu-ray video (115 minutes this volume) and the PS 3 game. The PS 3 game theme with “Do You Remember Love” & ” My Boyfrend’s a Pilot 2012″ a must have game for all Macross pilots out there.

The package will be released in two flavours:

The standard Hybrid Pack edition for 7140 yen.  (about US $87)

Hybrid Pack 30th Anniversary Box for 13800 yen. (about US $168)


Now’s let see what’s in the limited edition Hybrid Pack.

  • Macross  Flashback 2012

Macross :Kazutaka Miyatake meets Shoji Kawamori

Documentary – Do You Remember Love: Flashback 2012

Collection of past video games and animation movies based on Do You Remember Love

Do You Remember the Taste (Proceedings of the video game software)

Image Board Gallery

  • 24 page Colour booklet
  • Mini-size replication of the original theatrical booklet
  • Mini poster collection
  • Design sketch collection
  • Outer box illustration by Tenjin Hidetaka
  • Anime magazine archive
  • Film strip

Oh the way as you are reading this the pre-orders are getting snapped away. Notice the release date is July 26 but pre-orders are sold out !! If you see a order on it Click the BUY NOW button before its too late ! What you waiting for !!

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