As Macross is preparing to celebrate their big 30th anniversary, the news of the passing of late Mr Noboru Ishiguro age 73 on March 20 was a big shock to all fans of the world.

Mr Noboru co-founder of Studio Nue had directed great works such as  The Super Dimension Fortress MacrossThe Super Dimension Century OrgussYōkai Ningen BemMegazone 23Legend of the Galactic HeroesNoozles, and the 2008 completed series Tytania.

Ishiguro was scheduled to attend North Carolina’s Animazement convention on May 25-27.

Mari Iijima the singer we known her as “Lynn MinMay” commented on her facebook.

Noboru Ishiguro & Mari Iijma

I remember that day just like yesterday. You were watching me perform my songs while smiling softly at the audition in the studio. You were behind the glass window but I already knew in that moment, I was chosen by you to play Minmay. Thank you for the opportunity and love towards me. I’ve always loved you like a father although we only saw each other a couple of occasions after Macross. I’m thinking of you. Rest in peace and please protect me from heaven. Kisses. Photo – Noboru Ishiguro and Mari at Anime Expo 1999. That was the day I released and debut my very first English album “No Limit”. He happened to be there and I was happy to be reunited with him.

まるで昨日の事のようにおぼえています。あなたは、私がピアノを弾き語るのを、ガラスの向こうで柔らかな笑顔と共に見つめていました。あの時、私はすでに、あなたが私をミンメイ役に選んでくれたと感じていました。素晴らしいきっかけと私への愛をありがとうございました。プロジェクト終了後は、ほんの数回しかお会いする機会がありませんでしたが、私はあなたの事を、もうひとりのお父さんのように慕いました。あなたの事を想っています。どうか安らかに。そして私の事を、天国から見守っていて下さい。これは、1999年のアニメエキスポでの写真です。その日私は、千数百人の観客の前で、初の英語アルバム、No Limitをデビューさせました。その場に、石黒さんは居合わせて下さりました。素敵な再会に、私は幸せでした。

As a fan of Macross that grew up with it even till now. It’s hard to accept it that we had lost such a great anime legend. Growing up watching it even till now watching it success even till today coming out new series and movies. Bringing in New Talents singer like Yoshiki Fukuyama, May’n, Megumi Nakajima… Macross has became part of my life growing up with it as part of my childhood.

I remember the past that Macross was only shown once a week on TV and I never failed to miss it. Even how occupied I was I will get it recorded down no matter what. It is the first anime I watched and I fell in love with it even till today it is still the number one anime in my heart. Collecting all the items related with Macross, posters, shirts, toys everything that has got to do with it goes on my list. My childhood has became filled with joy, happiness growing up with it. I would have wish to meet Mr Noboru Ishiguro but all is now too late.

I would like to thank him personally “Thank you for introducing Macross the most amazing anime, best in my childhood life, adventure of the lifetime to me, the rest of the world, the voice of an angel Mari Iijima (Lynn MinMay).” You may have gone, but your legend, your works, will never be forgotten. Thank You Mr Noboru Ishiguro.

Editor Note (Tueac): It’s sad that Mr. Noboru have left the world so suddenly, and even so on the eve of the 30th Anniversary. But as NBC mentioned, his legacy will remain intact and the songs will be passed down.

Hope he rests in peace and pride knowing that his art will be appreciated by my children and generation after them.

RIP Director Noboru Ishiguro, 24th August 1934 – 20th March 2012

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