Katawa Shoujo: Clouds in My Head

KS Clouds in My Head screenshot 1

Ever done that to someone? =^_^=

I admit, this was my least favourite route in this game…
Especially right after my first prelims. (I’ll talk about it later.)

Couldn't agree more.

Rin, born with arm defects (or simply just stumps), wears a boy’s uniform because using feet with skirts on isn’t cool. At first glance, she’s emotionless — totally nonchalant — but still, she’s a human.
Daydreaming and abstract ideas aside, anyone can easily call her an artist.
But she has no idea why she’s even painting.
Well, that’s up to you to find out. ^^

To the visual side of the visual novel!


No, it isn’t a trap. Rin is a girl. (Though she’s like a guy sometimes. >_>)

I need to gather my thoughts…


“rain 雨が降って
gloomy 傘ひらいて
my shoes 水たまり跳ねあげて
ため息 ”too bad…””
“rain, it is raining
gloomy, the umbrella opens
my shoes, splashed wet by the puddles
I sighed,”too bad””
I’m in blue


Yup, I’ve been away for at least 2 weeks already, but only back with this… sigh. ._.
I just had my first preliminary examinations in preparation for my O-Level, that depressed me a little. U_U
Not to mention several parade rehearsals for my school’s upcoming anniversary, and a student’s life is never easy… T.T
Now, I also have to worry when’s my turn to fly the DA40. >_<

Moral of the story: Never stop studying, never take up 2 CCAs.

ADHD version: Cypher just got owned by exams and CCAs.

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