Hi everyone. It has been quite some time since I did a post on Vanguard cards. As you all know, the English version of booster box vol. 2 was released on 7th March. I was not able to write this sooner due to all my personal matters but at least I got to writing this. Without any delay, let start on checking out what good cards there are in this volume right now.

First off, there are 2 new grade 3 units for Kagero clan player.

Personally I would choose Sealed dragon Blockade as the vanguard between this 2 as the effect is easy for new players to understand compare to Blazing Flare Dragon where players must know how to manage soul charging.

For royal paladin clan players, there will be a new grade 3 for you all that is powerful enough for you to compete with other clan player as compare to using Alfred. The card is none other than Soul Savior Dragon.

This unit gets an additional 3000 power when attacking a vanguard and when it is called down as your Vanguard, you may pay the cost to add 3 rearguards with an additional 5000 power. Good for using as a final turn card.

For Oracle Think Tank players, there is the card Silent Tom which is recommended to be use as your rearguard all the time as it prevents your opponent from using a grade 0 unit as guard.

For Nova Grappler, this volume includes a perfect guard.

To players who are looking for new clan to play, they can try out Granblue and Spike Brothers here as card like their grade 0 starter, powerful grade 3 and also perfect guard are already included in this volume as well. As a teaser, the Granblue grade 0 starter is already found in the booster box volume 1.

These are the advice and tips I have for this volume. As the saying goes “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”, if you try out everything, you can find your own unique playstyle and combos.

Last and finally, the upcoming booster which is BT06 for the Japanese version will be renumbered as BT03 for the English. This will help give English card player a fighting chance against Japanese card players as this volume will include new effects as well.

Note: Clicking on the card image will bring you to the english translation site for the card effect.

Until next time, continue to cardfight vanguard!

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