AKIHABARA~ The land of the chosen~

The above is a Sunday when the pedestrian heaven is in place, a time when cars are not allowed onto the road and pedestrians are free to roam it~ It’s just such a wonderful concept~

Unfortunately… I don’t have much time to roam around more…

But here is Akihabara from my lens~

The famous AKB48 can be found the most in Akihabara, with their theater in Don Quijote building along Chou-dori and it’s Cafe and Shop at the Station just next to the Gundam Cafe.

Unfortunately… a shame really… that we are unable to visit the theater due to it being the Super Saitama Arena concert weekend… Making this the 2nd time I was unable to visit it… OTL…

A few blocks of Akihabara that I didn’t have time visit… lol

Next is Akiba Cultural Zone,

This is a new place for me, since I last visited more than 3 years ago, It’s now one of the must go place for visitors with GoodSmile Cafe and Tsunku’s Akihabara Backstage pass cafe on the 5th and 6th level respectively.

The Goodsmile Cafe comes also with a shop space for tourist to buy some omiyage for friends and family. At this time, it’s currently offering Winter Miku Manju, sweets and nendoroids.

On the 4th level is a Cosplay shop operated by K-Books and the shop keepers themselves are very good at the craft! Also on the 4th level is the “box” Shop with almost 300 boxes, offering anything from rare collectibles to CDs to Photos and etc.

Wonderful place, I should say~

More building shots~

On Sundays, there are also the flea market, just in front of the UDX building. Some rare kits can be found there, if you are really looking, interesting~

How can I miss out the Kawaii meidos on the streets~ It seems there is now a service that they can be your Girlfriend and walk with you down Akihabara for an hour at a small fee.

Even their Kentucky is funky~ Colonel Sanders in pajamas..  lol

Lastly, I just cannot forget this character… Intel’s Tora… lol It’s their mascot for their push of Ultrabook. I love Japanese Advertisements!!


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