Space Battleship Yamato is an animated television series from the 1970s, it’s more commonly known as Star Blazers in the Americas.

And 2199 is a remake of the classic animation that created a Sci-Fi craze in Japan over 30 years ago~

The project is supervised by director and animator, Yutaka Izubuchi and animated by a joint team of Xebec and AIC, making this quite a pool of talents~

But how will the characters, the Fighters and the Spaceships look like?

That will be a question for Character Designer, Nobuteru Yuki and Mecha/Conceptional Designers Junichiro Tamamori and Makoto Kobayashi.

From the trailer atleast, looks like Captain Okita still looks good~

Space Battleship Yamato 2199 will premier on the 7th of April, as a 50 Minute Special with vol. 1 of the Blu-ray/DVD release on 25th May.

I’m very looking forward to it!

Source: Alafista | ANN

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