On the 17th of Feb, SDN48 came down to Singapore to do what might be their final overseas live. It’s not, they are going to Hong Kong for live in March.

In total SDN48 performed 3 times oversea and all 3 of them is in Singapore, at AKB48 first and only overseas theater.

Why the last? Because SDN48 have announced their mass graduation of the whole group on the 31st of March 2012.

Thus volume 12 of the Singapore AKB48 theater should be a unforgettable one, and the participating members sure did that.

Starting the stage with 3 of their best music, they got the fans and many in the audiences dancing along.

Photo: POPCulture Online

Then followed by their unique, funny and daring self introductions. The one with the most impression have to be from Rachel, dumpping her Merlion aside and choosing to do the sexily funny option.

I was laughing so hard that i forgot the actual content of the joke… OTL… She might not be many’s oshimen but I’m very sure she is the among the most popular member in SDN in Singapore.

The concert went on from 7pm, all the way till 9pm with the end of the hand shake session at around 9:30pm.

In my opinion, it’s not the best stage but with the lady’s impressive performances and emotionally charged ending, AKB48 Volume 12, SDN48 Final Stage is definitely not a disappointment.


To all the ladies in SDN48, especially, Nonti, Rachel, Saya-nee, Chen Qu and Selina, good luck and all the best!

Next up, stay tune for a little Cafe Event~

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