Yes, it time to go travelling again, for the NATAS fair in Singapore is here again, with plenty of cheap getaways from that so many travel agencies!

Let me intro you this very good way find some value to your package to Japan!

I managed to find a great deal WITHOUT heading to the EXPO to for the fair~

And my catch is a 7 day free and easy trip to Tokyo, Japan at only SG$887*!! That includes a return Air ticket, and 6 nights of stay at a 2 Star Hotel in Asakusa.

So how did I do it? Well having the NATAS fair around really did help with all the airlines doing a promotion to many locations be it at the Fair or Online.

I got my tickets via the operated by MISA Travels and that cost me SG$599**, flying via Cathy Pacific to Narita Airport. The site really helped me make ticketing a lot easier, with price quotes, offers, and availability from many airlines. They even do hotel bookings, but I find it’s offering a bit on the luxurious side, You know what I mean.

And so my hotel booking is via a very friendly almost idiot proof service from, an international outfit.

It helped me find the hotel and calculated the amount payable to it, best of all, cancellation is free and I only pay when I actually booked into the hotel.

Via Google Street View

So I’ll be staying at a place called the Weekly Mansion Asakusa, a 2 star hotel with a private toilet, and this is at a price less then SG$50*** a night. WOW!

But of course, unlike the many “free and easy” trips, ours will not be coming with any perks… Like a free bag or something like that, however we saved about SG$200, compared to if we are to sign up for a “Free and Easy” package.

Like this one from FollowMeJapan, a 1 for 1 deal, which provides also a stay in Asakusa, but at a 3 Star Hotel and flies direct via JAL or ANA. Stated on the advert is a package for 4D3N, at SG$738****, for 2 person.

The kind lady told me that for each additional night it’s SG$130 to the bill, so after doing the math, it works out to about SG$1100(Inclusive of est Tax and sure charge) per person for my case. It’s actually good, if you have no time to go thru the paper work or want to just save the trouble.

But if you are aiming for this, you better be quick, for only the first 1200 that place an order at the participating Tour Agencies will get a the 1 for 1 deal.and they are all listed here.

Thus I conclude that, even without going to the fair I can still find a good deal! But I’ll miss out the JAPAN NEXT booth that is giving away delicious goodies… Well maybe I’ll still go down, take a look and eat some samples~

Lastly, and so I’ll be going to Tokyo!! I might even attend TAF. So looking forward to it.

*Travel insurance not calculated yet. Includes Airfare,and Hotel

**HSBC Credit Card Promotion Price, but tax is included~

***To be exact, it’s really in Yen it’s 36800 for a double room which I’ll share with Ken0601. It’s inclusive of the 200yen per night per person City Tax. So it’s roughly SG$47.90, if you do the math.

****Information Correct at the time of enquiry on the 22nd Feb. JAL for my period of Travel and this price is not inclusive of the sure charge.

P.S.: I’m not doing any advertisement, I’m just sharing my findings. If there’s any advertising money to be earn please let me know~ Also it’s a good time to VISIT Japan!

Disclaimer: All information here is correct at the time of publish, while I do take note on the actual pricing and with the Yen conversion at around 63 yen to SG$1, all price can be subjected to change from the providing vendor and neither I nor can guarantee that the price quote you get will be the same.
Also this post is publish on the 24th of March February 2012, 16:13PM Singapore Time.

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