Today we goto Spain with some of the phones that caught my eyes~

Currently happening in Barcelona is the Mobile World Congress(MWC) and major brands in the industry this time have really pushed on to release many good looking, powerful and androidlious phones~

HTC ONE S above is equipped with Qualcomm’s 1.5Ghz dual core, a 4.3″ qHD screen a good camera and Sense 4 UI, HTC’s custom skin for their Android phone.


Looks wise it’s really quite amazing with the slight curved screen and rounded candy bar form factor with 1 piece aluminium construct, thou this time it’s strengthen.

It looks so good that, that Fruit company better don’t copy it!

The ONE family also includes the X or XL and  V, depending on where you are.

Next, Sony Xperia S, 

It’s now officially SONY and no longer SONY ERICSSON~ And their first NXT series will be bring us the Xperia S.


A blockly effort i should say, but i comes also equipped for the dual-core war with 1.5 Ghz and 1 GB ram. The phone still runs ginger bread but will spot ICS very soon.

The Japanese version of S will be on sale from the 15th of March.

The phone will have a few brothers called, P and U



Next at ASUS, they show off the PADPhone, like finally.

I seriously thought the idea died in the process of designing. But it seems, the engineers at  Asus managed to find a way to fit everything.

A tablet station and even a keyboard dock for the tablet station. The phone has the specification similar to the above with 1.5Ghz Dual Core Snapdragon, 4.3″ qHD screen and a 8mp camera. It comes with ICS and supposedly in April.


Looks wise, it’s actually good! And the Stylus headset is really kind of cool too!

Hmm… This is getting interesting but I wonder how much it’s going to be… Haiz…

ASUS also pushed out some of their new Transformer Class, with one equipped with LTE and etc. Not bad I guess.

Other attention seekers includes the Iphone/Galaxy SII look alike from both Orange and Huawei,

Orange’s offering is actually the first time an intel processor is featured in a phone, further more it’s a X86 processor. Don’t know if it’s just a tech demo, but i have feeling it will be failing quite badly…

Huawei went to MWC with yet another of their Iphone/Galaxy SII look alikes, the Ascend D Quad, equipped with their own Quad Core processor and comes with ICS.

The non-android offerings current only features the few from, NOKIA, with their Lumia series and the 41.1MP PUREVIEW 808 Camera phone which is running on SYMBIAN.


The PUREVIEW comes with a whooping 41.1MP camera equiped with Carl Ziess lens. Other then that, it’s really a normal phone with a 1.3 Ghz processor, 4″ screen and running the latest version of Symbian.

BTW, the other other offering by NOKIA are just the cheaper or bigger version of their LUMIA 700 or a feature phone… So nothing to see here… Oh ok here’s a video of the bigger Lumia 900.


With 4.3″ screen, it’s indeed bigger with a 1.4 Ghz processor running 7.5 Mango. Other stuff remains largely the same… No extra features to talk of…

It’s selling point? A big screen windows phone, I guess… Well it’s a niche market, i guess…

So far, it like this, and i have already even filtered out some of the phones, like SAMSUNG’s new BEAM… God that’s ugly… or the offering from ZTE and LG…

But as of now, the Galaxy SIII from Samsung is still in Rumor stage, some say it will have 4.3″ screen as well… But given the competition now, it better do with at least a 1.5Ghz Dual Core.


P.S.: If only I have the money to buy the HTC ONE, SONY Xepria S and the ASUS PADPhone… … OTL… I want this 3 cos they look so wonderful~

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