Seriously the Lunar new year just started and things already took a turn for the bad… LOL, the above is the Chinese rendition of AKB48’s 24th Single and Million seller, Ue Kara Mariko…

Titled, Xing Fu Bao Dao, 幸福报到, the song is mentioned as a new song with lyrics, tune and Singers as Chinese, in the credits window, without a mention of the original.

Best of all, the above is a Chinese New Year television live televised show for China’s northern State of Heilong Jiang(黑龍江), and it’s attended by top officials of the state.

Good luck to the “creators” of the song when the shit hits… Who know where they might be sent too… For embarrassing the state and country…

For comparison sake, here’s the original,


Source: SGP48 Facebook Group

AKB48’s 25th Single will be on sale on the 15th of February, title GIVE ME FIVE. Featuring their first band, Baby Blossom.


It’s available on CDJapan now~

Give Me Five! / AKB48

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