Her happiness is my joy.


Storyline and char-dev for Hanako’s Route: 4 words – I w____ _a___ __r (Fill in the blanks)
Orphaned, disfigured, antisocial (in a cute way).
Story is very unique, I say. You are a sociable person, walks up to a quiet long-haired girl to greet her, and scares her off instead. 😛
You’re curious, and from what you’d gather, help her out.
(So when’s the Hanako dakimakura coming out?)

CG: Fairly consistent style between the norm and special scenes. I like.


Crap, wrong move. (Just kidding)

The more I review the entire CG collection (including other routes), I begin to see which artist drew which.

Have issues with trust at first, but begin to grow closer to you. Nagisa aside, Hanako is probably now one of the most heart-wrenching tragic girl.


“雨宿り 滲む視界の隅っこで
“Taking shelter from rain, in the corner of my expanding vision
You were standing next to me, and whispered close to my ears”

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