Betcha look like this when you wake up. (0_<)

I don’t want to be biased when selecting routes for review, so I’m going accordingly like this: Emi, Hanako, Lily, Rin then Shizune.
Hell, turning off that option affects completion of scenes.

What did I just say?!

Back to the main topic… >_>

Storyline and character development for Emi’s Route: Cliché
Reminds me of a friend though…
Cute, active, enthusiastic about stuff… and certainly likes to bounce up to you.
Guys, this is what you want right? =^^=
But still, it is quite typical. While I guess almost everything must have a benchmark there. Supposedly Emi’s Route is the ‘typical’ kind of thing when other routes are different, must be.

CG: There are certainly some differences between the normal (during conversation) and special scenes…


Result of artist collaboration?
Well, I can’t say either are bad, right? Just different styles.

Bright and cheerful, popular but does not have many close friends (only Rin), and also stubborn. In all perspective, she’s probably the fastest girl you can hook up with in real life.


“幼き頬 朱を滲ませ 疼きに足を崩される”
“My childish cheeks are flushed crimson, my legs collapse in tingly pain”

P.S.: Were you able to escape from the Mysterious Cathedral?

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