1 down, 999 more to go.

The only route with all scenes unlocked at once.

Worth more than Emi's puppy eyes, I suppose.

Lily, blind since birth, highly educated and lady-like.
Ignore the fanbase, it disgusts me. >_>

Truth to be told, first impression of her is a calm, responsible and friendly girl…
Hell, the rabbit’s hole you’re about to jump in reveals more:

So in other words, dirty-minded.

Before I get to that, let’s take a look at the CGs:


She’s really beautiful, and kind.
(One of the many reasons I gave up on 3D girls.)

Ah yes, about that. *cough*
Wait for my final review after my 1st Prelim *cough*. >.<


“春の訪れを待つ 彼女の瞳に
手のひらくぐり抜け 流れる風を追って
消えてく 空を越えて”
“Waiting for the coming of spring, in her eyes
Cherry blossoms were dancing as they fell
Slipping through her hands and chasing after the wind
Disappearing across the sky”
Flower Flag

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