Kalafina has announced their 10th new single, “to the beginning” on 4th February. If these songstress did not catch your attention, then be glad to know that this single will be the new OP for the sequel of a popular anime from last season,

Fate/Zero!! ( ゚ Д゚)!! なに!!!????

Which means in April, we’ll be having both the Fate/Zero anime and this single. Truly, it’s really spring (o ̄∇ ̄o)

This new single will be released on 18th April, which is approximately 2 months from now. For this new single, there’s a few exciting contents included in the single and comes in a few different patterns:

1. Regular Edition

2. Limited Edition A (with video clips DVD),

3. Limited Edition B (with video clips Blu-ray),

4. Anime Limited Edition (with version video clip DVD separately)

A total of Four different contents! And I bet each will also have their own unique packaging! ( which also implies something here…BURN!!! POCKET BURN!!!! )

Not forgetting to mention that, the purchase of the single at different stores will also net you some different goodies!

Similarly, you can still get Kalafina’s original post card in every stores but there’s four different anime Fate/Zero post cards in the four different chain shop in Japan! (The number of postcards is limited.. of course..)

If you want to collect all four different edition of the Fate/Zero post card, you might need to nuke your pocket for them all! (^^;)

Some other good news is, Kalafina LIVE 2012 “to the beginning” is decided! It will be on the 16th of July, 2012 at the NHK Hall, and will cost you 6,300YEN, that’s around USD 85, well that’s not too bad for a live performance, but it will only held in Japan , so.. ( >_<)

Source: Kalafina Official Site

More information on the Price of the Singles to be announced.

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