Kiyomi Angela Aki,安藝 聖世美 アンジェラ, a talented artist skilled in Song Composing, piano and guitar in Japan.

You also can find out more about her on the official website here.

Born in Itano, to a Japanese father and an Italian-American mother, Angela Aki spot a foreigner look and speak well in both Japanese and English.

Through her testimonial, she grews up in the mix of enka,(nowadays most of the Japanese youngster don’t listen to it), The Carpenters and Bee Gees. It’s actually quite surprising that she loves old songs.

She started playing the piano when she was three years old.(It’s three years old! I’m still playing with sand at that age!!). She grew up in Japan and like other mixed-race, she was often isolated. She escaped this loneliness through her piano.(It’s so true and you can always see this kind of image in most of the drama if you can’t imagine it)

For your information here, Itano is not a place in Italy but a place in Japan!

Her birth place’s name is similar to Italy and her Italian bloodline were perhaps the reason that she have the beautiful vocal of the Italian. Thou She might not be as well-known as the idols, her song and the lyric is simply struck many as meaningful and touching.

Here’s some of her song that you should listen,




PS: If you were to check out her albums, the titles are all very simple and mostly related to a person’s life.

Editor note(tueac): Her latest Album Song Book, was released in January this year and have not yet seen a overseas distribution. Unlike White, her previous Album, first released in September 2011.

And I totally love the album, White, with a soulful mix of Enka, choir, country and pop, It’s my to go album to relax and calm myself~

Do give Angela Aki a try and you might just love her voice and style too!

Just recently, she gave birth to a beautiful boy. Congratulations!

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