Hi! Is been a while since i post again! This time it will be a short post just wishing all of you out there a Happy Valentine Day! Even you are single does not mean you can’t celebrate right? Well i still young but i kinda like an anime character very much! Kirino!

Well nothing much i just bring my Kirino out to Pizza Hut,people say i crazy,well i am a crazy otaku that for sure.

I didn’t took quite well in this picture,look…i was shy bringing a figure out and with everyone starting to look at me haha XD

Kirino’s slice,she needs to eat you know!

Well that all,and one final time Happy Valentine’s day!

Editor note: You are not crazy, I have done crazier things like doing a photoshoot at a Macdonalds and I don’t think I’m crazy. So don’t think too much and just enjoy the time with Kirino~


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