Today is 26th February, the day the first Hello World Post is made and published. Our first step into the world~

It looks like we have managed to make it to the 2nd year! Yay! Congratulations to ourselves, the crew of, regardless of when you joined us.

T-T I’m so happy that I feel like crying now, who know something that we created would last for so long. And I really hope we will continue our growth~

We would like to also thank all the readers and comrades whom have been with us on this journey, I hope my less than perfect gasp of English haven’t been too much of a irritation. If it is, I’m very sorry, I’ll definitely work on it.

Let’s have a wonderful year ahead!

Also, Thank you for all the congratulations online, via twitter and facebook!

Thank you Collateral Damage Studio’s Low Zirong “Waha” for the very beautiful loli version of Chiya~

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