Yesterday, on valentines day, i spend my night with a harem~ the voice of girls, and the videos many many girls, all the girls!

My super duper AKB48 related shipment finally came!

Thou, not as much as I liked there must be some balancing…

So I’m not lonely at all yesterday~ Even thou I end up being very tired from work, so tired in fact that any real girlfriend will slap me in the face… -_-|||

In the above AKB48 special, I got myself many expected items and 1 that few will expect me to get.

WH7 – Kibo Sanmyaku

That is Watarirouka Hashirirai 7’s Kibo Sanmyaku, which I think is quite interesting and catchy.

But some find the song to be their worse so far… Isit? I don’t think so.

AKB48 – Give Me Five

Of course as a bonus of choosing Fedex as the shipping method from CDJapan, I got my “Give Me Five” on flying get day*. So nice~ The 34 minute PV is really something, It’s like a short drama, with the members putting in a lot effort in it.

I must say, Takamina and Yukirin would be the most impressive in the film to me. In the PV, Yukirin have some kind of complex that lead to her being very abusive to her uniform… Sorry but I didn’t get what her complex is…

And Takamina is girls who have to work due to her poor background and often fall asleep in class due to tiredness. She often also blame herself for not being a guy, and thanks to this complex, she is very feisty, leading to a lot of trouble. In one scene she is seen picking a fight with a lorry driver while working at a construction site.

The teacher, Musashi, acted by Jinnai Takanori is also another piece of work, he’s good~

Sugita Shigemichi the director really did show what he is made of this time.

In short, it’s a very good production.

Iwasa Misaki – Mujin Eki

The first enka single by the AKB48 family, Wasamin from Team A is featured on her debut single Mujin Eki, with the song written by Akimoto Yasushi Sensei, his first enka song in a long long time~ and it’s really nice.

Then again, it comes with 3 other songs all of them classics.

The extra DVD that comes with it contains Mujin Eki’s PV, a short history of Wasamin, making video and the congratulation message to her.

Did you know, Wasamin’s decision and approval to do enka is made in Singapore~ During 2010’s AFA. Thus the you will see 1 whole section of her in Singapore at the backstage of AFA10.

It’s quite a revelation!

The Others,

I got the 2 of the previous releases of NOT YET, Shumatsu Not Yet and Naminori Kakigori.

I also got the Mu Bou Bi, Maeda Astsuko’s DVD photo book and documentary.

All the above I got from CDJAPAN~ Thanks a lot~

Now onto the 15th~

And every Wednesday is my usual visiting day to the local Kinokuniya followed by a special dinner treat alone~

I’ll say more about it tomorrow~

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