Sashihara Rino, 19, is a 5th generation member of the mega idol group AKB48 and currently in Team A, but she is different from the others. How? 


She unlike most of the group, portraits a cowardly character and one still learning the ropes. But sometimes on the verge of being too daring on some occasions.

Her basic specification are also “so-so” at 156cm tall, and a 3 size of 73, 53, 81.5, she is as normal as any other girl in Japan. But why is she so lovable?

Why? It has much to do with her underlying character, as an Wota herself. Thus she can relate with fellow fans and not alienate them. I saw it first hand when she was in Singapore for a short cafe event last year.

She just have that power to draw people in and start a simple yet fun conversation. I was very impressed. It’s the best Cafe for 2011, I reckon. 

During events, there are always awkward moments but its usually washed away by her passion in answering or speaking to the fans. She just seems so understanding, humble, approachable and sincere.

Which in turn makes the fans want to protect her, not because she is weak but she’s just such a good person to be with.

In my opinion, she would make a mighty fine waifu~ If there is a tsudere, then what category is she in?


Well let’s not talk too much and show you some pictures~

PS: When I say her looks is “so-so”, I lied, she is actually very beautiful!


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