Funny how I see no odjections over the past 3 days, my dedication posts to Sashihara Rino.

Thanks for your time.

Today is the last day of my little project, dedicating my 3rd, 4th and 5th day of 2012 to her.


But why 345? Because in Japanese, the 345 is pronounced “san si go”, much like her nickname, Sashiko, a nickname given to her by fans and also the theme for a very elaborate joke in 2010 by the managenent to Sashihara-chan.

But since then she have been getting popular, doing challenges and even her own variety show, Sashiko no kuse ni, a program to train her.


Suprisingly it lasted for 9 months when it’s supposes to be 2. And thru out it, she grew and during the last general election she rosed from 19th of 2010 to the 9th position in 2011.

Mentioned before, she will be the main character in a late night drama, Muse no Kagami, almost about her starting on the 14th of january.


Followed by her first photo book, out 19th January, where we will get to see more of her angelic smiles.

See for yourself and you will be touched by her too, the most attractive of idols, one that contantly amazes but at the same time familar with.

She is Sashihara Rino, the angel in my heart.

さしこ, 大好き!

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