Even Akimoto Yasashi, the producer of AKB48, have her as Oshimen, saying how interesting she is.

Example raised during the show is when she would keep doubting herself, constantly putting herself down, but when actually doing it she will do her best for it! They even laugh at it, agreeing to it thou, the result can sometimes turn out very different… lol.

She just such an angel, not someone who is on the stage and untouchable. She’s the people’s idol, the Wota’s Idol, the Idol for hope that ugly ducking thru hard work can become a Swan!

Now she is a staple on the most popular noon show in Japan, Waratte Iitomo! (“It’s OK to laugh!”), with Tamori-san and many established artist. Maple story have also found her to be their Image character in Japan, it’s also her first solo CM.

In short her 2011 have been very good, as people start to recognize her, and the fact that she is with great company, she will only get better!

She’s just awesome! Isn’t she?

In case you are wondering where the pictures come from, It’s from some Japanese magazines and I’m just sharing them here.

2012 is only going to get better for her!


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