This week, the chart for the first time counts a day of year 2012 and without much surprise too…


New entries to the charts is 9… … but majority of them got the top 5 slots. With Akanishi Jin’s “Season” claiming the top spot followed by a rare clash between an AKB Sub unit, No3b and a Sister Group, SDN48.

But what really picked my interest for this week is the group known as E-Girls by Avex Trax. A better look at them and you might notices something… Isn’t that the girls from FLOWER? HAPPINESS? and DREAM?

Ok… here comes another mega girl group…


Yes, you have not mistaken… AVEX have merged them together to form E-Girls to bring us “Celebration!”… Not sure if it’s a temporarily arrangement or not but… Looks like FLOWER at least have a chance of survival now… given their dismay performance against the other 2, 2011 debuted groups, Super Girls and Fairies.

Also it seem S/mileage is making up for lost time… Releasing the cute Please Mini-Skirt Postwomen and then in Feb 1st, Chotomate Kudasai.

Now for the charts,

12/26-1/1 1.09
Rank Week Title Artist 508626
1 NEW Seasons Akanishi Jin 97148
2 NEW Pedicure Day No3b 85660
3 NEW Kudoki Nagara Azabujuuban duet with Mino Monta SDN48 67018
4 NEW Wonderful Cupid/Glass no*Mahou* NYC/Nakayama Yuma 38936
5 NEW Please Miniskirt Postwoman! S/Mileage 34132
6 NEW Fuyu No Bench SID 25206
7 NEW Celebration! E-Girls 18720
8 2 Boku no hanbun SMAP 16499
9 2 CHASE L’ Arc~en~Ciel 11570
10 NEW All My Love/You Are The Reason Yellow Fried Chicken 11348
11 4 Sit! Stay! Wait! Down!/Love Story Namie Amuro 11233
12 9 Yasashiku Naritai Saito Kazuyoshi 10761
13 3 We never give up Kis-My-Ft2 9590
14 4 Ue Kara Mariko AKB48 9484
15 2 CRISIS Acid Black Cherry 5740
16 NEW Konna Watashi de Yokattara Kikkawa You 5075
17 2 HERO/Sweet Jewel Fairies 4420
18 32 Maru Maru Mori Mori! Kaoru To Tomoki, Tama Ni Mukku. 4373
19 9 Kaze wa Fuiteiru AKB48 4218
20 3 Happiness/Letter in The Sky feat. The Jacksons AI 4048
21 2 Kazoku ni Narou Yo/Fighting Pose Fukuyama Masaharu 3721
22 4 Singing! Hokago Tea-time 3710
23 4 Unmei♪wa♪Endless! Hokago Tea-time 3665
24 8 Meikyuu Love Song Arashi 3633
25 6 Aruiteikō Ikimonogakari 3449
26 Tatoe Donna Ni Nishino Kana 3362
27 3 Baby Born & GO Uverworld 3104
28 7 Sexy Zone Sexy Zone 3017
29 8 Okie Doki SKE48 2903
30 4 Birth KAT-TUN 2883
NEW Songs= 9

Yay! Mori Mori Maru Maru is still in the charts for the almost half a year now!

And for the first time in a long long time, there is no K-pop in the top 30 chart!! wow! How is that even possible? I dunno..

Video by Rina93
Source: Oricon Style
Picture and links by CDJapan ~Our prefer Online CD Shop~

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