Neither do I like it.

My guess is that some of you have already completed the game (so I’ve heard).
Come for the screenshots, stay for the prodding.

Uh well, I couldn’t help it.

I will be talking a little on game features today besides keeping it brief. As long as I keep playing, you will see an endless stream of commentary, not voiced by Danny Choo unfortunately.

  • Jukebox, a.k.a BGM playback
  • Gallery, a.k.a CG view
  • Library, something new
  • Cinema, for all your shorts and animations

I won’t be talking about everything save for the ‘Library’.
Now the VN veterans may notice that ‘Scene Recollection’ or whatever it is is missing…

Unlike most other VNs, you can playback every single snapshots of your ‘life’ you’d experience, instead of only some special scenes.

Act 1 went away pretty fast…

…in like… about at least an hour and half?

What could be better? 😀

From First Impression to Act 1:
So far so good, I won’t comment on the art, no point. If I’m to continue on with the art all day long the reviews would resemble each other in many ways.

Everything’s from first-person perspective, nothing much to say about the style. Description-wise, detailed enough to let you imagine what’s necessary, not too informative to lose you out.
The music matches the mood fairly easily, not to mention well-timed BGM switching during turn of events etc., which is good. I have played certain VNs that weren’t capable of approaching it in such a manner.

Character personality is explored during Act 1, only getting deeper for selected few as you close in on to Act 2.

Closing the curtains on this one, I hope this has been enjoyable for all of you!
Cypher signing off. ^_^


“I missed the chance to say that my love for you is true”

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