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Konichiwa~ It’s Cypher desu~! =^^=
Katawa Shoujo Full Ver. was just recently released so I’d be giving a heads-up on this one!

Katawa Shoujo website


Well, don’t worry, there’s one for Windows and Linux as well! ^^

Although many things may be covered by the developers themselves, but I can give a brief summary.
It’s a Visual Novel (duh), ADV and First Person.
The story goes like this (not much of a spoiler):

Hisao suffers from a heart defect and has to transfer to a High School for the disabled children (while he isn’t really ‘disabled’). Despite that, he is able to find friends -and perhaps love, if, that is, he plays his cards right.

The main heroines ^^:
Katawa Shoujo Char 1
Katawa Shoujo Char 2
Katawa Shoujo Char 3

Katawa Shoujo In-game Main Menu
Here’s the Main Menu, pretty simple for now as you progress through the game.
I noticed that for every ‘Act’ (or chapter you might want to call) a ‘paper cut-out’ of a sketch of a certain character appears. My guess is that it shows how far you’ve went through.

Katawa Shoujo options menu
The Options Menu, not much but… it features the ‘non-H’ option! Handy if you’re playing in everyone’s view. ^^ Or you just want the story, no pre-marital ero.
There’s no ‘Fullscreeen Mode’ for Mac OS is probably some resizing issues. The Windows version does have Fullscreen Mode though.

I can’t do much of a review (school and all) but so far, in my opinion, the story is well thought out but it may be new to some of you. The theme can be ‘Tragedy’, and the character design is unaccustomed to me. It took me quite a while to get used to the characters.
The game itself isn’t voiced though, so, make up some voices in your head as you go! ^^

This is what it might look like back in 2007. Once Japanese pen-on-paper concept art of a dating sim back in Comiket 61, December 2000, drawn by RAITA of Zettai Shoujo.
This translated and colored omake appeared in the /a/ board of 4chan on 4th January 2007, somehow sparking a wildfire among the community . Ideas and suggestions, and even requests for actually making the game flooded the page. It even became a stickie on 4chan.
Ah yes, I forgot to briefly mention its development.

  • Started in 4 January 2007, ideas and suggestions flooded the /a/ board. From what I know, in November 2007 the team (later known as Four Leaf Studios) start to grow.
  • December 2008, discussion on Voice Acting comes to a conclusion. The answer is, well, you guessed it: NO
  • January 2009, translation translation translation.
  • April 2009, Act 1 Preview released.
  • December 2009, Act 1 V2 released.
  • May 2010, Act 1 V3 released.
  • June 2010, 5 translations completed. Also, Act 1 V4 released.
  • July 2010, FLS reflects. Katawa Shoujo gets featured at Babycastle indie game arcade in New York City.
  • August 2010, Katawa Shoujo panel at Manifest Anime Convention in Melbourne, Australia.
  • April 2011, Act 1 V5 released.
  • Late 2011, Katawa Shoujo in Comitia and Comiket.
  • 4 January 2012, Katawa Shoujo Full Version released! Exactly 5 years since the /a/ board incident.

That’s all for now, I give it a 8/10 for its art and story. Of course, I do not criticize it for not being voiced because I understand how this project came about and it seems pretty low-budget, due to the fact that Four Leaf Studios is simply a group of 4chan regulars, one heck of helluva enthusiasts who love doing it for the community. My praises.

You can download Katawa Shoujo here:
http://katawa-shoujo.com/download.php (opens in new tab/window)
Other languages can be found at the bottom of the webpage.

P.S.: I’m really busy with school, perhaps I’d give a full review on Katawa Shoujo in future. Fingers crossed.


“花火して 笑ったね 夏の海
遅刻して けんかした 駅の前
ずぶぬれで はしゃいだね 帰り道
バンソコが 似合ってる?! 私たち”
“Setting off fireworks in the summer sea,
Running late and fighting in front of the station.
Running home soaking wet in high spirits
Do our plasters* look good on us?!”
–the first the last

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