Touhou lotus destiny english edition was released in October 2011 and can be seen at CDS‘s booth during major events like AFA11, or the EOY.


This dojinshi is about the famous series Touhou, or rather a possible prequel to it. Following Byakuran Hijiri, the founder and head nun of the Myourenji.

Beginning the story is a flashback of how she acquired her magic powers and her journey towards enlightenment.


However a common theme found within the plot is greed and selfishness within a human as well a the yearning for family.

Storywise, it has proven to be a good read especially for one that don’t have in-depth or with no knowledge of the game it’s based on, like me.

But I think the story could be improved on further, because of the many lucky coincidences, like how the scroll land in Japan or how a storm flew a Yamato class warship into the past and etc. Perhaps this maybe be a premise of another book.


Art on the average, is good with many stunning scenes like the one above, but marred a little by the fact how non-characters like the neighbors, Yokai A or B, officers and even Hijiri’s brother Myoune, was drawn is unimpressive.


Not pretty… This is a bit of a nagging but it’s really nothing much.

Overall:  The art is good, the story is better and I see many chance for a sequel for this title. So do check it out the next time you saw this title at Collateral Damages Studio‘s Booth.

2nd Opinion? Sure, Check Cypher’s view on this,

It’s local produce! 😀
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I wonder how many doujin circles are there in SG, but (besides the editor) this is a one man work!

Lotus Destiny is somewhere between Shonen and Seinen, however if I have 3 votes I’d pass 2 to Seinen.
For those who are new to Touhou, trying to grasp the ‘when and where’ is understandable, but I believe that the story covering this doujinshi does not require much knowledge about the timeline of Touhou. Why is that so? It is very much focused on the life of the protagonist, Byakuren.

I find the story enjoyable, not just it being different from other doujinshi which depicts Byakuren as something else. The proportions of the drawings are within my preference range, and humor is well-balanced and appropriately used alongside with the serious tone of the story. What’s new to me is the appearance of a Japanese WWII Imperial Navy battleship in Touhou fan-fiction. It was originally a large sail ship in both the official series and fandom, and the side-character on it was originally never from the future.

Good thing there is an English version of it.

Name: Lotus Destiny
Series: Tohou
Maker: Collateral Damage Studios
Type: Dojin
Price: English, $20
Chinese A4 ver., $32
Total 1 Votes

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