It’s revealed today that Hirano Aya will be part of the cast for the late night drama, Muse no Kagami, join Sashihara Rino as a supporting character.

Her role in the drama is an ex-entertainer forced out of the industry after offending a “major” company. She is also mentor to Maki, played by Sashihara, after discovering her talent.

More details about the storyline has also been revealed, pointing to a “bad guy” character from the “Major Company” out to sabotage Maki’s entertainment career only to fall in love with her, complicating the matter further.

The 24 episode drama will be starting on NTV, from the 14th of January at 1:55AM(JST).

Source: Comtrya Sugoi

Muse no Kagami NTV Page

Sidenote: This will be Hirano’s 2nd drama, with the first being Konna no Idol Janain! in which she also plays a mentor like character to the members of the idol group 9Nine.

Konna no Idol Janain! airs tonight, 11th January 2012, at 1:30AM(JST) also on NTV.

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