Before I got in to the rest of the EOY11 items, I must emphasise how cute Hitomi from Akiba’s @Home Cafe is.

Her antics during the many appearances both on and off the stage, very easily outshone all the meido present during the event ne~ And I thought they are Kawaii too when I just arrive at the event.

She appeared at the VIP only lunch buffet, setting a Singapore meido record of powering up the whole Buffet lunch with the help of 15+ present.

Here’s a video of the record setting event~


She first appeared on the stage in her performances wear from Team JJ for her first set.

Before coming out to the event hall for an Autograph session and a game of Pimp Butler, the game that features her and many of the local blogosphere’s mascot.

Like our Chiya-chan~


Her table after the game, see how pretty Chiya is~

She is then given a A1 size poster of the card featuring her. Of cos, she is overjoyed to have gotten it~

Followed by her second set on stage which she performed a number of songs, to the almost full hall, and then followed by the 13th anniversary cake cutting for the EOY.

Followed by another round of autograph session, allowing everyone to meet, converse and shake her hand. Of cos the final few are the organisers with some of the most exclusive items you can find in the event.

Overall, the experiences is a mighty fine one and I don’t mind it again anytime soon~ Hitomi is really a very kawaii Meido, I can see why she is the top maid on streets of Akihabara. It can’t be helped, she really is very loveable~

During a short interview, she even mentioned that Pimp Butler is an interestingly fun game to play and will be bringing a deck home to play with.

Of cos the EOY committee gave her a packet for keepsake, who knows the next time you went to @Home Cafe they might just be playing it.

Look forward to more EOY 11 related post as I relate back to the event.

For more about EOY, Do visit their website:

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