Over the year, we have many writers, some went on to serve a higher purpose while some got very busy.

Thus you have me (tueac) trying to post as much as possible. So to solve this problem, we are recruiting!

And we are looking for the people to write on the following topics,

– Anime News/Review writers

Candidates are not limited to writing only Anime related news and reviews but can also do stuff like game and product reviews of their interest.

And this time we are open to everyone online, as long as you meet the following requirements,


– Can write and converse in English
– Loves Japanese Culture (Jpop, Jdrama, Traditional stuff and etc.) and/or Sub-Culture (Anime, Cosplay, Jrock and etc.)
– Loves to write and share. Loves taking picture is also ok!
– Want to learn and improve.
– Have time to commit
– Open Heart

Optional: Have a facebook account.

All this is of cos with benefits,  and just to list a few, the benefits includes,

– Rushing out posts
– Covering events
– Representing Ani-culture.net in your area
– Spending your own money
– Get to be in a private group with everyone else
– Online Group chat(sometimes)
– A free email address (if you want to)
– Free English editor to look thru your work
– Fans of your writing… (Maybe…)
– Having fun writing~

So if you are interested in the job do send us an email at contact@ani-culture.net. Well we are waiting.

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