As expected, this week’s result contains a lot of new releases.

In fact the top 10 are all new, with Saisho No Mail by AKB48 sub-group French Kiss comprising of Yukirin, Akicha and Kuramochi taking 1st in the weekly charts.

This is also their 1st, weekly number 1, congrats!

In fact it seems French Kiss is the 2nd sub group to do so, after Not Yet.

Followed by Exile and Atsushi’s Anatahe/Ooo Baby a double A side Single.

LiSA, the rocker that rocked AFA11 and Nico Nico Douga, came in 5 with Oath Sign.

Tokyo Girls Style and Momoiro Clover Z also released their latest singles titled, Liar/W.M.A.D(18) and Rodo Sanka(7) respectively. Both are songs very nicely constructed.

One surprise… OMG from NMB48 actually climbed up 24th position… wow.


21st-27th Nov 12.05
Rank Week Title Artist
1 1 Sashio no Mail French Kiss
2 1 Anatahe/Ooo Baby Exile/Exile Atsushi
3 1 Yowa sete mohīto Golden Bomber
4 1 Zutto aiko
5 1 Oath Sign LiSA
6 1 Heartful Voice Tacki and Tsubasa
7 1 Rodo Sanka Momiro Clover Z
8 1 Yuki no Iro porno graffitti
9 1 Aruiteikō Ikimonogakari
10 1 My Dearest Supercell
11 2 Sexy Zone Sexy Zone
13 1 Switch On! Anna Tsuchiya
14 1 Tokubetsu na Koibito Matsuda Seiko
15 2 Pera Pero Perao Not Yet
16 1 Starlight Parade Sekai no Owari
17 3 Okie Doki SKE48
18 1 Liar/W.M.A.D Tokyo Girl Style
19 2 BTD Infinite
20 4 Meikyuu Love Song Arashi
21 1 Daily Daily ZE: A
22 1 Watashi no Mikadzuki yozora (Inoue Marina)
23 5 Kaze wa Fuiteiru AKB48
24 6 Oh My God! NMB48
25 1 Ai no Warrior GRANRODEO
26 1 Yakusoku no basho/Tatta hitori no migata Fukuri Mai
27 2 Chou Acid Black Cherry
29 1 Sakura Iro mau dokoro/Melody Shunsuke Kiyokiba
30 2 Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku Hello! Project Mobekimasu

Another song that I really liked in this week’s list is My Dearest by Supercell, it’s a fast, ballad like song that have a lot of feelings in it. Starlight Parade by Sekai No Owari, also has a nice feel to it.

And that brings us to the end of this week’s report~

+Btw, AKB48’s 24th Single, Uekara Mariko, is going to be released on the 7th of December, this Wednesday and we found out that the First press will be including pictures of not only the Janken senbatsu members, but also other and it’s not by team type. So have fun~

*Ok… I’m wrong… Sexy Zone is doing quite well staying just outside of the top ten at 11th, while Pera Pera Perao fell to 15, which is also good.*

Video by Rina93
Source: Oricon Style
Picture and links by CDJapan ~Our prefer Online CD Shop~

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