Today we’ll bring you 2 big CORNS! (´_`) *corns?*

Actually, not just corns! We proudly bring you all of Comic Fiesta 2011, which is held in the awesome Corn Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) last weekend (17th and 18th December 2011)!

Comic Fiesta is an annual event held in Malaysia. What’s here? There are mainly from the creative art market where doujinshi and fan arts relating to anime and games are being shown or sold. There are also some anime commercial booths and of course, the COSPLAY! \(^▽^*)

For those who have never heard about Comic Fiesta, you can find out more from their site,

*Will ya start the real thing already? *

Look! The Space Marine team is here! For those who dunno who they are, do feel free to visit to learn more about these awesome characters!

(((( ;°Д°)))) yes yes!

For the time being, let’s talk a look around the event area see what’s going on (^_^)

What’s with this crowd?!?! Σ(゜゜;)

I am shocked when seeing the amount of visitors at the Comic Fiesta this year. Certainly the amount of people had increased maybe doubled or even tripled, when compared with last year.

*Finally it’s reaching AFA scale huh?*

 It’s a hard time trying to squeeze myself into the ticketing hall to collect my pass….

WHATTT!!? ∑(O_O;)

It’s even more crowded inside here! Just take a look at the number of cosplayers and visitors, it’s totally overwhelmed!

And don’t mistaken; this is still not the event site, just the ticketing area! Being here certainly have the same atmosphere as AFA 2011 in Singapore.

Let us leave the ticket battlefield and move into the Comic Fiesta main event area.

Lookie! The crowd here is even bigger and merrier! *Darn i should have said worse*

Let’s go around what’s having here…

Look! An autograph session for Gempak Starz, Malaysia’s manga community. All of them certainly have their own unique drawing style which you all can go to to read more about them!

Let’s take a look around the comic booth!

When going to Comic Fiesta, the thing that is a must for all visitors must be the COMIC! Here are some of the comic artists in the comic booth area. Just look at how serious they are, when committing in their crim….arts.

And here are some of the digital artists, performing their amazing drawing skill, live in front me!

Here’s an interesting booth, the artist is drawing a real person into as a chibi!! *drawing though* I wish I could have someone sponsor me for my own version of a chibi figure (

As Danny Choo can’t attend Comic Fiesta, so his close friend Mr Freeman (!/WiseFreeman), along with Malaysia’s Mirai to present Culture Japan Season 2 to the audience!

There were short previews on some episodes of Culture Japan Season 2 and of course, a short video clip from Danny Choo to audiences!

And look what I had found!! ALIENNN!!!! (((( ;°Д°))))

“STOP RIGHT WHERE U ARE DUDE!” here’s some of those dangerous people appear in the event area…

Counter strike!! Use to play it a lot in my younger days but I heard there’s a new version of Counter strike coming soon?

Even the Jedi also join Comic Fiesta?? *щ(゜ロ゜щ) take the FORCE powaaa~~*

JEDI’s UNITED!!! If you wondered who these Jedi warrior are, is the place where you should head to and maybe you might be interested to join them and train yourself to be another Jedi warrior like them. *Nope, I certainly would like to remain as an egg*

This guy seems to be a real fan from StarWars too, I had notice him because of the color of the armor and he didn’t move an inch at all for more than 30 minutes when I’m there.. *I SWEAR THIS!!!*⊙ Even when a hot gal is taking a photo with him…

The Cosplay Competition going on in Comic Fiesta, it’s kind of interesting as this year’s cosplay competition asked the contestant to perform on the stage with the theme given by the official.

Here are some funny scenes with the cosplayers performing on the stage.

Zabuza,Cloud and Classroom???? -_-|||

*What’s wrong with the toilet???!*

*You should eat my sword for not giving me the first place…..*

For the other corner of the event, there are some game events going on too.


Some Marvel Vs Capcom competition going on here.

Hmm, Dota 2, I used to be one of the Dota fan too and I certainly know how tense it is when there’re a high level match going on. For those who have no idea what’s Dota 2 is, do feel free to go here and revise

Here are some of the cosplayer picture and not just only me, there’re a bunch of cosplayer photography session rampaging outside the event hall!

Spotted some depressing Miku here (>_<。)

You think that’s all for Comic Fiesta?

Here I have some little sneak peek for you all for what I have getto in this year’s Comic Fiesta.

Ceui and Mikuni Shimokawa!!! Looks forward the next article which is the interview session with them!

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