This was quite an unexpected event; we got from this year’s Comic Fiesta.

After redeeming the pass from the Comic Fiesta counter, I’m told that there’s a meet and greet with the special guests Shimokawa Mikuni and Ceui, exclusively for the media group.

WHAAT?! That means an interview session? We’re not prepared at all! Σ(Д)

The organizer even provided a private room a mist the battle field of Comic Fiesta where we can sit down properly and do an interview session.(If not, it’d be one disaster of an interview session).

The questions during the interview session are totally unprepared for all media and yet the questions are unbelievablely interesting, not like an unprepared question! (

Q1 : What are the impressions that you have for your first visiting to Malaysia?
Ceui: It’s a climate season continuing in Malaysia for the whole year, not just only the weather is hot and like summer day in Japan, the people here are hot too.

[I think she just refer us as hot guy too (´`**)].

When I visit the shops and have a little chit-chat with the people around here, I felt that the Malaysian are a whole lot more cheerful and fun. Maybe in this hot country, the Malaysian also have a warmer personality just like the hot weather here.

Q2: What element inspired you in your ani-song performance and how did you perform so well in each song that you participated in? As your song are not just loved by the Japanese, but also worldwide including Malaysia.

Shimokawa: For me, before I perform or compose a new song for certain anime, I will go through the story of the anime by reading or watching it first.

I will then try to deliver what I felt from my understanding of the anime, with this, when performing, I will not be just merely singing but also delivering the right feelings and the messages of the anime. This is not an easy job, but I would like to continue loving my job and do my best in the future.

[I know this very well too!! ( ) ]

Ceui: Music had play a large role in my life, music can be said to be a part of my life and its surrounding me along the way I grow.

Do you guys know Totoro? He’s one of my favourite anime and Totoro is the type of anime that I wish to perform my song for. It’s a great fantasy anime and I hope to be able to create this kind of environment and feeling for the audience.

*Just you can see how she loves Totoro from this expression*

Q3: Apart from Malaysia, where are the other places that you have been to perform your music?

Shimokawa: There are a few concerts that I held overseas like, Taipei, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Macau, Singapore, and Korea.

Ceui: During October, I went to Gao Xiong, Guangzhou and Hong Kong for the first live performances out from Japan.

[She’s quite an fine lady huh? ( Д)]

Q4: For an artist, which, non-Japanese, artist will you like to do a collaboration with?

[YAY! It’s the most interesting question and it even makes me excited during this moment]

Shimokawa: I can’t really pick or specified anyone, since any great person who would collaborate with me to perform the song will be wonderful, to me and everyone. It is very difficult to pick a single name here.

[Ehhh!!? (((( ;Д)))… I thought it’s me]

Ceui:I am interested in a group of youthful singers, the European choir group Libera, which is involved in gospel choir singing. I love their songs and hope to perform with these great singers.

Q5: How do Shimokawa-san and Ceui-san present their songs to the audience?

Ceui: By listening to the music, the spirit of one will be shaped by the mood of the music. By singing the song with joy and happiness, I hope my songs are able to influence the teen with the spirit I put in my songs.

I wish that my songs are able to brings them joy, and replenish their courage to continue their life journey, continue helping their friends too and spreading this kind of spirit.

Shimokawa: After the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan not too long ago, I had performed in several countries and what touched me is that, there are whole lot of support and concern from everyone around the world.

This is so touching that through the song, it is possible for the audience to learn about Japan and even in the hardest time for us, we are still getting our support from the world.

Q6: How you start with anime song and involving yourself in this field?

Shimokawa: When I was younger, I watched tons of animations and cartoons, which some of the anime are still on-going.

I am deeply interested in this field as I’m amazed with the production of the anime. Then one day a suggestion came for me to sing ani-song as it’s a very good fit for my voice.

Ceui: For me, I am similar to Shimokawa-san, only the difference is I didn’t expect myself to actually get involved in the ani-song field.

It just happened that there was a singer search for an anime and by a good chance; I was selected to be in the team for the anime project.

I have no idea about the anime field in the beginning, until I had actually watched the anime by myself, then I’m deeply touched by it. I am happy and grateful that I am actually able to help in creating the full anime production.

Q7: What anime would they recommend, apart from those you are singing for?

Shimokawa: I recommend the “K-on!” Do you all know K-on!?

Actually I am not aware the “K-on!”series, which is one of the famous anime.

[Whaaat?This is unbelievable! Σ(Д)]

I learned that there’s this interesting music based anime from one of the magazine and started to check out this anime and the manga series.

I kept following K-on and realize that the urge to follow the K-on! storyline had become strong.

Ceui: I will recommend 3 of my favourite anime, which is the Haruhi series, including anime and the movie too, Kuroshitsuji, Itazura na Kiss which is more towards shojo animation.

[seems like Ceui-san is more towards the pretty-pretty character series huh? (

Q8 (BONUS QUESTION): Who is the hottest guy among us now? [During the interview session of course] ( ω

*Seems like this question had put them in a really hard situation!*

Shimokawa: Ehhhh?? Well for me, someone who possess the trait of considerate, kind, and always bring me to a nice restaurant to have good food is the one I will considerate as a hottest guy.

Σ(Д) !! The producer-san and assistant-san win it!

Ceui: For me, someone who looks like the character from Kuroshitjuji, Sebastian will be a hot guy from my own perception.

Σ Σ Σ (((Д)))) !!!!!! I think it’s impossible for us to be one like him.

The interview session is supposed to be 20 minutes for all of us but it lasted longer than 20minutes which means it’s a great blessing for us to have more time with the great Mikuni Shimokawa and Ceui!

Let’s hope that they can perform in Comic Fiesta again! (

*And look what I found here! It’s Pikachu with Shimokawa and Ceui!!*

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