Xmas is near so to share the joy, I went shopping and bought some stuffs! XD

Not really plenty but for a small set it’s quite decent i think XD

I bought a small X’mas tree to boost mood at home, it ended up pretty nice on my messy desk. I don’t have the time to clean it up recently but stuff keep piling up. Btw, The tree is around 40cm in height.

Added some Nendoroid Petit for another mood boost!

I think it’s really working! XD 1000% cuter than before!! XD

Another thing that’s famous during X’mas is Santa! but after thinking for a while, displaying a chubby old man with red fluffy suit is a bit boring.

Let’s ask the girls instead!! All you need is a Santa Hat.

While shopping I found these cute Santa hat hairpins which looked perfect for nendoroids, and snatched it away like ninja! (Of cos, i paid for it legally at the cashier).

Cut the bottom hairpin part to get a small Santa hat.

Found a cushion inside, pulled it out and that’s it! Santa hat getto~ XD.

Sadly, it’s not big enough for regular sized nendoroids but still looks cute right? XD

Now, preparing the final set.

Merry X’mas everybody! XD

This year sure is a blast! Thank you for visiting our site, love you guys always. Merry Xmas, hohoho~XD

Oh! You better watch out, You better not cry, You better not pout, I’m telling you why… Santa Mirai is coming to town~XD

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